Body Grip Holster (WH2)
Body Grip Holster (WH2)
Body Grip Holster (WH2)
Body Grip Holster (WH2)
Body Grip Holster (WH2)

Body Grip Holster (WH2)

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Our Body Grip Holsters are a designed with comfort and simplicity in mind, there are no straps or clips to worry about and it weighs significantly less than a traditional holster. The holster is closed off at the end to keep out lint and dust and sticks directly to the body keeping it in place when you draw your firearm.






Accu-Tek HC-380, American Derringer LM4 Simmerling, AMT Backup,

Beretta Nano, Beretta PX4 Storm Sub Compact, Bond Arms Snake Slayer, Boberg XR9,

 Cobra Patriot,

 Glock 42, Glock 43,

Kahr CM9, Kahr PM9, Kahr PM40, Kimber Solo, Kel-Tec P11, Kel-Tec P40, Kel-Tec PF9,

Ruger LC9, Ruger Security-9 Compact,

Savage Stance, SCCY CPX1&2, Sig Sauer P290, Sig Sauer P365, Sig Sauer P365 XMacro, Sig Sauer P365XL, Smith & Wesson Shield Plus 3.1'', Smith & Wesson Chief Special, Smith & Wesson M&P Shield, Springfield Armory XD Sub Compact, Springfield Armory XD Mod 2, Springfield Armory XD-S, Springfield Armory Hellcat,

Taurus 708, Taurus 709, Taurus 740, Taurus G2C/G3C, Taurus GX4.

 Holster Type:

 Body Grip

Carry Position:

 Appendix AIWB Carry, Strong Side Carry, Hip Carry (3/9 O'Clock),   Back Carry (6 O'Clock), Cross Draw



 Cant Angle:



 Custom Neoprene

Belt Clip:







 Lifetime Warranty




 Free in U.S.A.


 Plastic box packaging for retail




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