Beretta APX A1 Carry IWB Tuckable Red Dot Ready w/ Integrated Claw Holster

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Compatible firearm(s): BERETTA APX A1 CARRY

Take your concealed carry to the next level with the highly concealable and ultra-secure IWB Tuckable Red Dot Ready with Integrated Claw Holster. Designed to disappear into your clothing, this inside-the-waistband holster is perfect for those who want to keep their firearm discreet. Its tuckable design allows you to easily tuck your shirt over the holster, keeping your firearm hidden from view.

Crafted from .80’’ Kydex and an ultra-flexible nylon-6 belt clip, this holster keeps your firearm securely fastened to your waistband for added peace of mind. Plus, the mid-rise sweat guard enables you to use a slide-mounted optic, while the integrated claw provides added support and reduces printing by pushing against the backside of your belt.

Whether you're a seasoned gun owner or new to concealed carry, the IWB Tuckable Red Dot Ready with Integrated Claw Holster is an excellent choice for a safe, secure, and discreet carry experience.

  • With its discreet and ultra-strong plastic clip, you can carry this product with a tucked-in shirt, whether you prefer appendix or strongside carry, while maintaining a low profile.

  • Achieve unparalleled concealment with the integrated claw, which pushes against the backside of your belt to reduce printing and bring your firearm even closer to your side.

  • Enjoy peace of mind with adjustable retention and an audible click when holstering, allowing you to customize the holster's grip on your firearm for maximum security.

  • The mid-rise sweat guard is compatible with virtually every known optic, from RMRs to SROs, while the raised sight channel permits after-market sights without sacrificing your firearm's low profile.

  • The open-ended muzzle accommodates threaded barrels, making this holster a versatile choice for any firearm owner.

  • The Undercut Trigger-Guard allows for a full grip on your firearm, as well as compatibility with after-market mag releases and admin reloads, ensuring maximum comfort and customization.
  • Holster style: Inside the Waistband (AIWB)

  • Appendix Carry, Strong Side Carry

  • Retention: User adjustable with positive retention click

  • Belt Attachment: 1.5’’

  • Material: .08’’ Kydex

  • Origin: Proudly made in the USA

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Enhance your concealed carry with the highly concealable IWB Tuckable Red Dot Ready w/ Integrated Claw Holster. Tuckable design, Kydex construction, flexible belt clip, mid-rise sweat guard, and integrated claw reduce printing for added security.


This integrated claw applies pressure to the back of your belt to draw the firearm's grip closer to your body, making it easier to conceal.

Mid-rise Sweat Shield

Protects your firearm while still allowing the use of red-dot sights.


This holster will won't impede your ability to grip your firearm, allowing you to access it quickly when necessary.


We've designed our IWB Tuckable Red Dot Ready w/ Integrated Claw Holster to match the exact specifications of your firearm for the best possible fit

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