Military/Law Enforcement/First Responder Discount

WholeGuns proudly supports our Military, Law Enforcement Officers, and First Responders. We are thankful for your service and contributions which is why we offer a standing policy to provide a discount to all of our Military Service Men and Women, as well as to our Law Enforcement Officers, Firefighters, and First Responders. The process is easy. Simply Send an email with documentation attached to, subject line DISCOUNT and we will send you a return email with a discount code you can use on our site. For your security all information gathered this way will be handled in accordance with our Terms and conditions as well as our Privacy Policy

Accepted Military Documents

  1. DD-214 (you may block SSN)
  2. LES, DFAS or TRICARE Document
  3. Veterans Affairs ID or VA Postal Letter
  4. USAA Insurance Card
  5. Navy Federal Statement
  6. Driver's License showing Veteran mark (requires visit to DMV to add it)
  7. G.I. Bill Document

Accepted Documents for LEO and First Responders

  1. Official ID Card
  2. Official Badge (must have your name on it)
  3. Pay stub from your employer
  4. Promotion/Award Certificate
  5. Signed letter of employment status from your agency